Potato Safety & Advisory Board

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The PSAB is a creative-consulting agency that specializes in English-language marketing, communication strategy, advertising, copywriting, and other creative services for international brands, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and more.

It has nothing to do with potatoes.

So why potatoes?

Agencies are like potato farmers, you generally have two types:

1: The ones who carefully wander the vast plains of Idaho that are today’s biggest trends, squeezing the ripest organic strategy sweet-potatoes, carefully peel the off-topic insight skins and package the audience-insight slices into an eco-friendly pouch of a deck, hand-press the data findings and savory research, then bake them to perfection in an Italian-built wood fired oven to make an exceptionally sweet and tender mashed-potato-and-gravy Pulitzer Prize-worthy magnum opus, presented on raw imperial red granite that emits the perfect blend of aroma and flavor to answer a client’s brief.

2: Then there the ones who sleep until 8pm, get hosed-awake in the rail yard of a construction site, at which point they realize the moon has risen, panic-sprint naked behind an abandoned blockbuster and climb the barbed-wire fence of the local farmer’s market, wrestle a raccoon for the remains of day-old hash-browns and punch a seagull for the last slice of moldy cheddar from a high-school cafeteria dumpster, hijack their neighbor’s printer and run down the toner to boil it over a flaming stack of strategy briefs with a splash of vodka and crumpled up TV-metrics data from 1997, dump it all into a hubcap stripped off an abandoned oil-tanker and with mere minutes to spare, present the highway-underpass bootleg dog’s-dinner lawsuit-ready buffet of an idea that barely satisfies the account team.

It would be brave to promise perfection, but at the Potato Safety & Advisory Board, we promise we’ll bake our heart and soul into your batch of potatoes. So, let’s start cooking-up some work together.

No but seriously, why potatoes?

Satire, for the most part. Creative agencies have been stuck on a bizarre trend of trying to be as quirky and unique as possible in some sort of ruthless quest to justify how "creative" they are—Wongdoody, Wexley School for Girls, Giant Spoon—it's bizarre, really. Their work exceeds expectations, but their self-indulgence is a little over-the-top.

Seeing that we're on this trend, why not go full-out and double-down on the insanity? PSAB is a real company, run by a real advertising executive with the resume to prove it. Why not have a little fun along the way?